April 10th Meeting – Kevin Beares / Microsoft – Making Server Essentials 2012 More Compelling

Microsoft Is Listening – In Person!

Kevin Beares will join us and wants to know:  “What would make Windows Server 2012 Essentials more Compelling?”

Kevin Beares, Senior Community Lead – Windows Server and System Center Group, Microsoft will be coming down from Redmond to join us in person.  He will visit to listen and chat about Windows Server 2012 Essentials and answer your questions about it.

Kevin’s Bio:

Senior Community Lead – Windows Server and System Center Group (WSSCG).  Primarily responsible for driving the WSSCG social media engagement strategy.  In other words, driving technical discussions with our community and our product development teams through our blogs, forums, twitter, etc….

If we have time after Kevin’s chat, we can pick up on the original topic to discuss how Technology Wizards can best move forward as a group now that SBS is going away.  Ken Shafer says: “I’m really hoping that the discussion with Kevin will help (in some capacity) with that thought process as well.  Especially if WS2012E is the intended replacement (aka “next version of) for SBS.”

Hope to see you there,
Rusty Lee

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