April 11th Technology Wizards Meeting

AuthAnvil Password Solutions: Helping to Make Passwords Suck Less

Description: In this day and age of IT management, passwords are the keys to the castle. And also the biggest risk to any business. In this session, learn how Scorpion Software is addressing this problem through the introduction of AuthAnvil Password Solutions, a set of password management, two factor authentication and single sign on products designed specifically for IT Service Providers and IT departments of virtually any size.

Bio: Dana Epp is the CEO and Chief Security Architect at Scorpion Software, where his team solves the obvious problems with passwords that others ignore. He has spent the last 20 years focusing on software security and has been awarded the recognition and designation by Microsoft as an Enterprise Security MVP for the past eight consecutive years. His latest research has been on strong authentication and identity assurance designed for practical use in small business.

One Response to April 11th Technology Wizards Meeting

  1. Well done Dana! As IT consultants—Job One is to keep our clients and systems secure. Your presentation showed us how we can do that using the latest tools.