April 8th Meeting ~ John Green on Wireshark

Please forgive us for the late notice as we’ve had a number of challenges putting this all together – but we ARE having a meeting and it will be an Online Meeting rather than the originally planned “In-Person” meeting.

Please Register for this meeting right away – no later than 9:00am on Wednesday. 

Registrations received AFTER 9:00am on Wednesday will NOT be approved.

(Normally this is cut off 24 hours in advance, but with the late notice, we are extending it.)

Our April meeting will be an online meeting – Wednesday, April 8th.

This meeting will be an “Online” meeting, and will begin on-time at 11:30am and will last 90 minutes – concluding by 1:00pm. 

So grab your lunch and join the session a little early to be ready to go.

Our Technology Wizards Great Idea / Tech Talk will be presented by Matt Wilson. 

This 5-15 minute segment features one of our members sharing a business, marketing or technical tip that they have found to be very helpful or valuable in their business.  Matt has volunteered to be our presenter for April, and will be discussing SQRL.

Wireshark Part 2 – John Green, Nova Business Systems, Inc.

A technical presentation by John Green, President, Nova Business Systems, Inc.

Primary resource: Wireshark 101, ed1, Essential skills for network analysis.

ISBN: 978-1-893939-72-1. www.wiresharkbook.com

All of the material for this presentation is excerpted from the above referenced book, and is the copyrighted Intellectual Property of the author.

Networks are a vital part of modern society, and it is important to know how they work. The purpose of this presentation is to give you a basic understanding of packet analysis to enable you to response to the question:

                        “What’s happening on the network?”

Major Skills:

·         Understand the elements of packet analysis and network traffic flows.

·         How to set up useful Wireshark interface views and settings.

·         Determine what capture methods and filters to use.

·         How to apply display filters.

·         How to color code and export key packets.

·         Building and interpreting tables and graphs.

·         Speed up packet analysis by reassembling traffic.

·         Adding comments to trace files and packets.

·         Use of command line tools to capture, split, and merge traffic.

The first time you use a packet analyzer such as Wireshark, you will realize there are a dizzying array and abundance of packets, and you will be very will served knowing the basics of network packet analysis. Wireshark is a tool that can slice and dice the myriad packets into human useable information for you to know “What’s happening on the network?”.

John Green

During the 1970’s, John Green specialized in the design, implementation and sale of Plant Interlock and Safety Shutdown Systems for the chemical and petrochemical industry. At that time, safety shutdown systems were analog. With the advent of Programmable Controllers by Allen Bradley and others, it became cost effective to use off-the-shelf components to compete with Peabody Engineering, Brown and Root, and OEM equipment and system manufacturers such as Honeywell, Electronics Corporation of America, Rockwell and others.

Beginning in 1979, John Green ran a communications interconnect company based on DEC mini computers for the  mid-size businesses phone system market during the Ma Bell breakup years. In 1983 he founded Nova Business Systems, Inc., an Oregon corporation, to provide the benefits of Relational Database application development to Small Medium Businesses using Digital Equipment Corporation mini-computers and multi-user operating systems where he was responsible for the design, implementation and support of Pascal based double entry bookkeeping software including custom modules for Job Costing, MRP & Scheduling, and related small business accounting and costing needs. By the end of the 80’s, Personal Computing had reached the point where mini-computers where replaced by Personal Computers and dumb terminals for multi-user business use. This evolved into Nova utilizing Unix based PC’s running client-server applications on high end PC platforms.

Today, Nova Business Systems, Inc. is a provider of business computer network security products and services including endpoint protection from Ransomware, exploits and malware; Unified Threat Management firewalls, secure Wi-Fi and VPN systems; strategic server backup and business continuity; Microsoft, LINUX, and UNIX system administration, and related services. Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, we have been providing technical multi-user software solutions and services to Portland area businesses for over 35 years. “Since 1983”

Online Meeting Registration Details:

Existing members, and those on our mail list should have already received an invitation to attend. Online meetings require registration in advance. If you would like to learn more about Technology Wizards, or register to attend an online meeting as a guest, Please let us know via the Contact page.

Ken Shafer
President, Technology Wizards

Reminder: Technology Wizards meetings are intended for current Technology Wizards members or potential members.  Potential members must be owners or employees of a/an IT services business whose main purpose is to support small business using Microsoft products and services in some capacity.

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