December 14th Technology Wizards Meeting

We will begin the meeting with our annual Board Elections.  We will be electing the 5 members who will serve on the Board beginning in January 2012.  Only current members present in the room will be allowed to vote.

This month we will be celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years with our first ever TW-TipFest and Party.  We will have some great food, treats and soda to celebrate (no pizza this time).

All members attending should plan on sharing with the group 1 Business or 1 Technical tip (of significant value) that has helped to make you successful.  It doesn’t need to be real long or complex (simple is OK), but it should be meaningful (not goofy), and also tell us why/how it has helped you.  Tips cannot be repeated or re-shared and must be unique.  And the example below cannot be used.

An example from Ken:  One business tip I learned from Karl Palachuk years ago was to not be “interrupt-driven”.  For example, turn off the Outlook notifications and check e-mail only a few times a day.  This has helped to increase productivity and focus.

Ken will award the absolute best tip shared with a $25 Starbucks gift card.

One Response to December 14th Technology Wizards Meeting

  1. Congratulations to Geoff Birkmeier who won the prize for submitting the best tip!

    This was one of the best Technology Wizards meetings ever as it was highly interactive and we all learned some great and valuable business and technical tips. The process of sharing those with each other helped us to get to know each other a bit better, and provided opportunities to sharpen each other.

    Thank you to all who attended AND participated!