February 8th Technology Wizards Meeting

Technology Wizards and Friends,

Our next Technology Wizards meeting is this Wednesday, February 8th 12:00pm – 3:00pm at the Microsoft PacWest Office (located at 1414 Northrup in the Pearl District) will feature an excellent presentation on WordPress by our own Rusty Lee from CallMyPCDr.com.

WordPress is the most commonly used interface for managing websites easily and can be extended with many available add-ons.  We are using it to manage our new Technology Wizards site.

Rusty will cover the ease of using WordPress, and give us some insight to the many available add-ons that can be used with it, allowing us to create professional quality websites that are easy to maintain and manage content on without needing to write code.

This will be a power-packed session providing plenty of interactive opportunity.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • WordPress .com vs .org
  • Behind the curtain at TechnologyWizards.com
  • Posts versus Pages
  • Categories
  • Working with Graphics
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Backup
  • Live demo with a WordPress site

About Rusty Lee:

Rusty first learned about computers in 1971.  He couldn’t find a job in a computer room—not even sweeping the floor; so he went off and worked in sales and marketing.  He started CallMyPcDr.com in 2003 after realizing that all those free computer jobs for friends would make a good business.

He’s been a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist since 2007.

During the last few years he’s seen many clients who were paying tremendous amounts of money for a web presence.  They weren’t getting much in a website while paying far too much for it.  To help his clients he began doing their websites using WordPress.

He has presented to audiences large and small on technology and business related topics.  He’s known for his ability to explain technology in an easy and understandable way.

He’s a partner at My Business Launch along with Alexis Mason.  They have one book published and several more in the works.  With skills in marketing, sales, technology, and as a business owner, he has a unique perspective when it comes to supporting others who want to develop their own small business or keep it running smoothly with technology.


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