Hicks Technology Services Member Bio


Hicks Technology Services, Inc.
PO BOX 4417
Salem, OR 97304


Mark Hicks

503.588.9330 office
503.588.9197 fax




We offer comprehensive network management and support for a flat monthly fee. We partner with our customers to provide a full service “IT department” available to serve their needs full time. Our costs are predictable and our service is exceptional.

Areas of Focus – Specialties:

·       Network Security (Best practices, Mail Filtering, Firewall, Antivirus, Antimalware, Backup, etc.)

·       Network Maintenance (Monitoring, Patching, Updates, Disk Cleanup/Defragmentation, Alerts, etc.)

·       Network Management (Users, Groups, Mailboxes, User support, Professional Recommendations, Vendor Management, etc.)

·       Server Management (Hardware, Software, Virtualization, Connectivity, Diagnosis & Remediation, etc.)

·       Project Management (Detailed Planning, Thorough Communication, Complete Follow-through.)

Typical Client:

Our customers are small business owners who like to work with a company that provides them peace of mind for a predictable cost. We like to partner with our customers and become part of the team as we act in the capacity of their own IT Department. Our customers know they can focus on building their business because we will never lose focus on keeping their network protected and running smoothly.

Geographic/Demographic/Vertical Markets:

While many of our customers do business in the medical field, we also serve business associations, vineyards, and companies in legal, financial, manufacturing and recycling industries.