July 8th Meeting ~ Matt Wilson: DNS Security and Encryption

This meeting will be an “Online” meeting, and will begin on-time at 11:30 am and will last 90 minutes – concluding by 1:00 pm. 

So grab your lunch and join the session a little early to be ready to go.

Our Technology Wizards Great Idea / Tech Talk will be presented by Rusty Lee, CallMyPCDr.com.  Topic: Growing Technology Wizards

This 5-15 minute segment features one of our members sharing a business, marketing or technical tip that they have found to be very helpful or valuable in their business.  Rusty has graciously volunteered yet again to be our presenter for July, and will be looking forward to his presentation.

DNS Security/Encryption – Matt Wilson, Brightstar Consulting

Matt has graciously volunteered again to be our presenter for July, and will be conducting a presentation on DNS Security and Encryption, following up his previous presentations on DNS.

From Matt: The topic is going to be on DNS Security Encryption, basically building on the DOH (DNS over HTTP) Tech Talk I gave a few months ago. I’ll be covering some technical details to help understand what is happening with some of the changes, including one rather particular failure that DOH had when Mozilla started pushing it out all to all FireFox users. This is something we need to understand and be proactive about, otherwise Mozilla and Google will be taking control of a large portion of your clients DNS traffic.

Online Meeting Registration Details:

Existing members, and those on our mail list should have already received an invitation to attend. Online meetings require registration in advance. If you would like to learn more about Technology Wizards, or register to attend an online meeting as a guest, Please let us know via the Contact page.

Ken Shafer
President, Technology Wizards

Reminder: Technology Wizards meetings are intended for current Technology Wizards members or potential members.  Potential members must be owners or employees of a/an IT services business whose main purpose is to support small business using Microsoft products and services in some capacity.

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