November 13th Meeting ~ Windows Server 2012 Essentials by Mark Hicks and Rusty Lee

The Essentials on Essentials:  Putting It To Work for Your Clients

Our November Technology Wizards meeting will be this Wednesday, November 13th, 12:00pm – 3:00pm at the Microsoft PacWest office located at 1414 Northrup (in the Pearl district).

Our own Mark Hicks (Hicks Technology Solutions) and  Rusty Lee ( will be presenting on Microsoft Server Essentials 2012. This will be a highly interactive presentation.  It will include live demos plus lots of Q & A.  Here’s a preliminary list of the topics we plan to cover:

  • R1 or R2?  Pro’s and Con’s
  • Hardware: What’s required for a solid small business unit?
  • Essentials versus Standard Server
  • Replacing SBS: How do we do that?
  • Virtualization: Common Best Practices and When not to Virtualize
  • Partitioning:  Best practices to slice up the drives available, Budget to High End Scenarios
  • RWA
  • Backup Scenarios: Built in backup versus aftermarket like Storage Craft
  • Client machine backup feature
  • AV:  Any special considerations or problems?
  • Active Directory
  • Cloud Integration:  Oh No—The Cloud Word…..
  • When you have more than 25 users…..
  • Licensing considerations, Cals, Transmogrification,  RDS Cals, Installed as a role?
  • Working with XP, Vista, 7 and 8.  When does it play nice?  When doesn’t it?

This meeting and presentation is about helping you to succeed in your business.  It will be jam packed with content.  Make sure to attend!

Lunch will be provided for the first few minutes of the meeting, so get there early!

PARKING: Please park in the lot between NW 15th & NW 16th, NW Kearney and NW Lovejoy with the entrance on Kearney Street.  There is a fee to park this time as the presenter is not from Microsoft.  Also, if there is an attendant there, tell him/her you are a Microsoft meeting attendee.  The lot is located underneath I-405.  Plan to arrive early to find parking.

Looking forward to your attendance and participation.

Reminder: Technology Wizards meetings are intended for current Technology Wizards members or potential members.  Potential members must be owners or employees of a an IT services business whose main purpose is to support small business using Microsoft products and services in some capacity.

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