September 9th Meeting ~ Phishing Training and Awareness

Our August meeting will be an online meeting – Wednesday, September 9th.

As previously stated, this meeting will be an “Online” meeting, and will begin on-time at 11:30am and will last 90 minutes – concluding by 1:00pm. 

So grab your lunch and join the session a little early to be ready to go as the meeting will begin with our Great Idea/Tech Talk segment.

Our Technology Wizards Great Idea / Tech Talk will feature a Discussion on RMM Tools, led by Dan Sweet, Global Network Support. 

Our meeting will begin with this 5-15 minute segment, and it features one of our members sharing a business, marketing or technical tip that they have found to be very helpful or valuable in their business.  Dan is looking to have a robust discussion on why you chose, use and recommend your RMM Tool.

Phishing Training, Rusty Lee, Call My PC Dr.

Rusty has always been a strong believer in customer education.  He’s looked at many of the common platforms and done some testing with his clients.  Common names for them are:

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Phishing Education Training
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

This won’t be a technical presentation on how they work. Together we’ll explore some of the players:

  • What they do
  • What they cost
  • Pros and cons
  • How do they fit into an MSP program??   Or do they??
  • Does the training really help to prevent successful attacks?

This will not be death by PowerPoint.  Plan for plenty of discussion!!

Online Meeting Registration Details:

Existing members, and those on our mail list should have already received an invitation to attend. Online meetings require registration in advance. If you would like to learn more about Technology Wizards, or register to attend an online meeting as a guest, Please let us know via the Contact page.

Ken Shafer
President, Technology Wizards

Reminder: Technology Wizards meetings are intended for current Technology Wizards members or potential members.  Potential members must be owners or employees of a/an IT services business whose main purpose is to support small business using Microsoft products and services in some capacity.

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