SMB Online Conference – June 25-27, 2013

SMB Online Conference – Only $299 for 15 hours of Training

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IT Business Reboot 2013

June 25-27, 2013

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The “official” price is $399, but you can get $100 off right now with code SMBIT100.

Thank You to Autotask for once again sponsoring this live, online event!

After four years of recession, the world has changed a LOT. New products and services include Windows 8, Server 2012, Server Essentials, Cloud Services, and more.

Gone in the last four years are Small Business Server, old versions of Windows, . . . and many IT companies!

This year’s conference will focus on the key actions you need to take to build a successful IT service business in the years ahead. We start with a foundation of the structures and processes you need to have in place. This includes a special focus on finances, but also includes a lot of best practices and Standard Operating Procedures.

Topics include:

  • Modern Fundamentals for Success in the Future
  • Rebooting and Restructuring for the Future
  • Financial Deep Dives . . . Times Three!
  • Managed Services and Cloud Services
  • Promotion and Marketing Excellence
  • Building Your Identity (Internally and Externally)
  • Thinking Inside the Box
  • Killer Presentations and Self Promotion
  • Keeping Up as the Pace of Change Increases
  • Redefining Your Business . . . One More Time!
  • Absolute Rules of Success
  • Making Vendors work for YOU and Your Business
  • Financial Realities that Will Kill Your Company
  • Serving Larger Clients – The Mid-Market
  • Opportunity for Small Business Consultants
  • And More!


Register now at

Here’s what you do:

Go to  to maximize the viral effect of – Go to the Registration page – Add the $399 registration to your cart.

Then enter code SMBIT100 to receive $100 off your registration. That’s it!

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