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September 11th Meeting ~ Backblaze By John Green, Online-Members Only

Backblaze presented by John Green, Nova Business Systems

This will be a technical presentation! An online meeting for members only.

Cloud storage with a sophisticated foundation, ease of use, and over eight nines of reliability.

“Backblaze is the leader in online backup with a reputation of being reliable and easy to use. We specialize in making sure all user data is backed up by default so you don’t need to worry about making sure you remembered to drag a file from your desktop into a designated folder. If you need all your data back, we are the only service that offers you a Rapid Restore option.”

Backblaze under the hood:

More than eight nines of reliability with aggressive pricing — magic with math.

How does Backblaze achieve these fundamentals and why is this important?

John Green, President, Nova Business Systems, Inc.

After years of experience during the 1970’s in the design, implementation and sale of Plant Interlock Safety Shutdown Systems for the petrochemical industry, including the use of Programmable Controllers, John Green ran a communications interconnect company based on DEC mini computers for the  mid-size business phone system market during the Ma Bell breakup years. In 1983 he founded Nova Business Systems, Inc., an Oregon corporation, to provide the benefits of Relational Database application development to Small Medium Businesses using Digital Equipment Corporation mini-computers and multi-user operating systems where he was responsible for the design, implementation and support of Pascal based double entry bookkeeping software including custom modules for Job Costing, MRP & Scheduling, and related small business accounting and costing needs. By the end of the 80’s, Personal Computing had reached the point where mini-computers where replaced by Personal Computers with dumb terminals for multi-user business use. This evolved into Nova providing for the use of Unix based PC’s running client-server applications on high end PC platforms.

Today, Nova Business Systems, Inc. is a provider of business computer network security products and services including endpoint protection from Ransomware, exploits and malware; Unified Threat Management firewalls, secure Wi-Fi and VPN systems; strategic server backup and business continuity; Microsoft, LINUX, and UNIX system administration, and related services. Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, we have been providing technical multi-user software solutions and services to Portland area businesses for over 30 years.

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